It’s vital to ensure that the tree service company has the correct tools for the task when you hire one to work on trees of all sizes and shapes. Any expert company that claims to be professionals in offering tree services will have the right tools. On the other hand, non-experts will probably show up without any equipment. They’ll be unprepared for the job at hand.  

Today, we are going to share with you some of the most common equipment that a professional tree service Memphis company should use. 

Wood Chippers 

For those who do not know, this equipment is used to cut down pieces of trees into mulch. A professional tree service company needs to have this type of equipment. A wood chipper can chop down tree logs into mulch. This makes it a lot simpler to haul away or move. If you want, the tree service company can even leave the mulch on your property if you need it for your landscaping needs. In addition to that, using a wood chipper can also lower the labor and time required to do the job. This is better for both the company and the property owner.  

Grapple Truck 

The purpose of a grapple truck is to easily carry off big logs. Bigger logs can be difficult to transport if the company does not have a grapple truck. This equipment offers a way to haul logs around on the job site or move them away. Without a grapple truck, the tree service company will have to cut the logs into tiny bits and carry them. This will require a lot of labor and time. This ends up being more expensive for you in the long run since you’ll have to pay for the labor.  

Bucket Truck 

This equipment is utilized to reach tough spaces and tall trees. A tree service company will require a bucket truck in order to reach the upper portion of tall trees and properly get rid of them or trim them. Unlike climbing up into the tree, this is certainly the safest option. Instead of using a ladder to climb up into the tree to prune or cut down branches, the arborist will simply ride the bucket truck.  

Aside from that, the tree service company should be able to maneuver the bucket around the tree properly to safely get rid of the branches.  

Hire a Professional Company 

You have to always ensure the company has all the required tools to effectively and safely do the task you need them to do. That’s why when you are in the process of hiring a tree service company, you have to ask them about the equipment they have. It’s always better if the arborist can offer a written itemization of all the equipment and tools they’re utilizing. In addition to that, before you hire the company, it’s also recommended to ask for certifications. You may want to think about your options if the company does not have the right tools or cannot offer the right credentials.