Trees are very important plants that are friendly and beneficial not only to people and animals but to the entire environment too. As we all know, trees and plants are the main sources of our oxygen. This is the reason why the campaign for the security and protection of trees in our environment has been an ongoing act due to the many benefits that trees and plants can be able to provide, more than just a primary source of oxygen.

Aside from that, trees also add beauty to our residential or commercial property and they are also used in different educational institutions, most especially for individuals that are undertaking studies of the environment. But, sadly, there are times when you have to remove a tree for very heavy reasons. Below, you can be able to learn the common reasons why a tree is removed in a residential or commercial property.

Top Reasons for Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a result of a lot of reasons and these include but not limited to:

1. A tree is severely sick due to an infectious tree disease that can potentially infect other healthy trees in the property if it is not removed right away.

2. A tree is removed if it poses safety hazard not only to the people living in that property but also for the property itself.

3. A tree should also be removed if it is not allowing other trees to improve its growth.

4. In some places, there is a certain height restriction of a tree and it has to be considered by residential and commercial property owners. This is the reason why a tree is removed if it exceeds the state or region’s tree height restriction.

5. A tree is removed if it can pose a threat to the commercial or residential structure.

Local Laws to Consider Prior to Undertaking A Tree Removal Process

Before removing a tree, sometimes there’s a legal process that has to be followed. As a matter of fact, some states and regions allow a single tree removal while other areas might allow a residential or commercial property owner to remove multiple trees. Sometimes, removing a tree might not be approved due to safety hazards. Removing a tree might be permitted if it’s really beneficial to the land as well as the environment surrounding it.

For instance, when a tree in a residential or commercial property has to be removed due to the fact that it has exceeded the height restriction and is already blocking sufficient amount of sunlight to the plants underneath as well as the surrounding tree, it is usually being carried out by the government. Sometimes, this can be considered unfair, but most of the time it is necessary. This is the reason why it is best that you hire a professional and reputable tree removal Phoenix in order for you to know if your state or region has specific laws regarding with a tree removal process since they are the most experienced and trained in this field.